Sunday, January 2, 2011

WEBSITE@ Andhra Pradesh Municipal Development Project

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Andhra Pradesh Municipal Development Project (APMDP) is a US$ 350 MILLION project implemented by Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) with support from World Bank
High-priority urban services in selected ULBs of AP
Urban services to improve will be chosen and implemented by eligible ULBs who self select themselves in a demand driven manner based on access criteria established under the project which would be approved by the Steering Committee in the Government of AP. The project will support improvements in the financial, technical, and management capacities of all ULBs of Andhra Pradesh through technical assistance
Capacity of ULBs to develop and manage urban services
The project will also pursue improvement of the state-level framework that defines ULBs’ autonomy, accountability, and incentives for performance, as well as GoAP’s capacity to monitor, and provide policy and technical support for, ULBs performance and development. The project will also lay the groundwork for capacity building of the urban poor through studies and community training centers.

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